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Produkte zum Begriff Kartoniert:

Mercury Contaminated Sites  Kartoniert (TB)
Mercury Contaminated Sites Kartoniert (TB)

Mercury is outstanding among the global environmental pollutants of continuing th concern. Especially in the last decade of the 20 century environmental scientists legislators politicians and the public have become more aware of mercury pollu tion in the global environment. It has often been suggested that anthropogenic emissions are leading to a general increase in mercury on local regional and glo bal scales. Numerous industrial activities including the mining of gold silver and mercury itself have caused mercury contamination of terrestrial and aquatic eco systems. Mercury-contaminated sites are abundant worldwide. Mercury has been accumulated as an industrial legacy in the rocks soils and sediments at and adjacent to industrial sites and now may pose significant risks to human and eco logical health. Direct inputs of mercury into the environment by industrial activi ties have generally decreased significantly in the Western world over the past three decades. However sources such as coal combustion and the use of mercury in gold and silver mining continue to be of importance on a global scale. The same is true for diffuse sources such as terrestrial landscapes that have been impacted by mer cury inputs from the atmosphere in the past. Soils (and vegetation) located close to large atmospheric mercury sources have clearly been sinks while these sources were active in the past. In the long run however these soils may have become important diffuse area sources after the original emissions were discontinued.

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Sites Of Modernity  Kartoniert (TB)
Sites Of Modernity Kartoniert (TB)

This book investigates compares and contrasts the experience of entering into and engaging in modernity and the modern era in many parts of the Asian continent. It focuses on the coming into being development and transformation of major urban centers from Tokyo to Mumbai from the late 19th century to the present providing a broad overview of this crucial period of transition in Asia not only from diverse geographical and historical perspectives but also incorporating a broad range of further disciplines.

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Organelle Contact Sites  Kartoniert (TB)
Organelle Contact Sites Kartoniert (TB)

This book provides the first comprehensive coverage of the quickly evolving research field of membrane contact sites (MCS). A total of 16 chapters explain their organization and role and unveil the significance of MCS for various diseases. MCS the intracellular structures where organellar membranes come in close contact with one another mediate the exchange of proteins lipids and ions. Via these functions MCS are critical for the survival and the growth of the cell. Owing to that central role in the functioning of cells MCS dysfunctions lead to important defects of human physiology influence viral and bacterial infection and cause disease such as inflammation type II diabetes neurodegenerative disorders and cancer. To approach such a multifaceted topic this volume assembles a series of chapters dealing with the full array of research about MCS and their respective roles for diseases. Most chapters also introduce the history and the state of the art ofMCS research which will initiate discussion points for the respective types of MCS for years to come. This work will appeal to all cell biologists as well as researchers on diseases that are impacted by MCS dysfunction. Additionally it will stimulate graduate students and postdocs who will energize drive and develop the research field in the near future.

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Virtual Sites As Learning Spaces  Kartoniert (TB)
Virtual Sites As Learning Spaces Kartoniert (TB)

This volume fills a gap in the literature between the domains of Communication Studies and Educational Sciences across physical-virtual spaces as they intersect in the 21st century. The chapters focus on languaging - communicative practices in the making - and its intersection with analogue and virtual learning spaces bringing together studies that highlight the constant movement between analogue-virtual dimensions that continuously re-shape participants' identity positionings. Languaging is understood as the deployment of one or more than one language variety modality embodiment etc in human meaning-making across spaces. Languaging activities are explored through a multitude of literary artefacts genres media and modes produced in and across sites. The authors go beyond best practice approaches and instead present how-to-explore communicative practices for researchers learners and teachers. This book will be of interest to readers situated in the areas of literacy literature bi/multilingualism multimodality linguistic anthropology applied linguistics and related fields. Chapters 2 5 8 and 12 are open access under a CC BY 4.0 license at

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Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?

"Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?" Kartoniert bedeutet, dass das Buch einen festen Einband aus Karton hat, der mit einem Pa...

"Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?" Kartoniert bedeutet, dass das Buch einen festen Einband aus Karton hat, der mit einem Papier- oder Kunststoffüberzug versehen ist. Im Gegensatz zu einem Hardcover-Buch ist ein kartoniertes Buch in der Regel leichter und flexibler. Diese Art von Einband wird häufig bei Taschenbüchern verwendet, da sie kostengünstiger herzustellen ist. Trotzdem bietet ein kartoniertes Buch eine gute Stabilität und Schutz für die Seiten.

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Schlagwörter: Einband Paperback Buchdeckel Flexcover Taschenbuch Broschur Softcover Einbandart Buchhülle Umschlag

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband?

Der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband liegt in der Art und Stärke des Materials, das für den Einband eines Buches...

Der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband liegt in der Art und Stärke des Materials, das für den Einband eines Buches verwendet wird. Bei einem kartonierten Buch wird ein dünnerer Karton für den Einband verwendet, der flexibler ist und sich leichter biegen lässt. Ein Buch mit festem Einband hingegen hat einen Einband aus einem dickeren und stabileren Material, wie beispielsweise Leinen oder Kunstleder, das dem Buch mehr Stabilität und Langlebigkeit verleiht. Bücher mit festem Einband sind in der Regel hochwertiger und langlebiger als kartonierte Bücher.

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Schlagwörter: Fester Einband Leinenbindung Ledereinband Schmuckeinband Ganzleder Halbleder Klappentitel Deckel Schuber

News-Sites - Alexander Kranz  Ricarda Stiller  Kartoniert (TB)
News-Sites - Alexander Kranz Ricarda Stiller Kartoniert (TB)

Beispielhafte News Sites aus dem World Wide Web stehen im Mittelpunkt dieser Publikation. Die Autoren stellen interessante Details vor und diskutieren verschiedene Herangehensweisen in der globalen Medienlandschaft. Der Leser erhält so gestalterische und inhaltliche Anregungen für die Konzeption komplexer Websites. Zahlreiche Abbildungen die auch - zusammen mit interessanten Link-Listen - auf der beigefügten CD-ROM enthalten sind vermitteln dem Betrachter Eindrücke die im Netz so nicht zu bekommen sind. Die sonst endlos lang zu scrollenden Screens der Nachrichtensites können im Ganzen betrachtet und verglichen werden und vermitteln so gestalterische und strukturelle Zusammenhänge. Das Buch geht weit über ein Webdesign-Bilderbuch hinaus da es auch die inhaltliche Seite des Online-Journalismus also Content Ziele und Hintergründe von News Sites vermittelt.

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Transnational Sites Of China's Cultural Diplomacy  Kartoniert (TB)
Transnational Sites Of China's Cultural Diplomacy Kartoniert (TB)

This edited volume presents the results of a three-year comparative study on Chinese cultural diplomacy (CD) across Europe Central Asia the Middle East and Southeast Asia which contributes to the broader theoretical debate on China`s increasing soft power in international relations. The study 'China's Cultural Diplomacy and the Role of Non-State Actors' was conducted by a research team at the Oriental Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic from 2015 to 2018. This book pays special attention to China's localized forms of CD focusing on the regional variations and involvement of non-state actors especially local actors outside China. Local actors involved in Chinese CD diplomacy are characterized by their intermediary status as working for the aims of two states while trying to bridge conflicts and enhance mutual understanding. This book will be of interest to scholars diplomats and China watchers.

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Sites of Interchange
Sites of Interchange

Sites of Interchange , Modernism, Politics and Culture between Britain and Germany, 1919¿1955 , Bücher > Bücher & Zeitschriften

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Beginning Sharepoint Communication Sites - Charles David Waghmare  Kartoniert (TB)
Beginning Sharepoint Communication Sites - Charles David Waghmare Kartoniert (TB)

Understand SharePoint communication sites and create one on your own using SharePoint Home available in Microsoft 365. This revised edition covers the new features in SharePoint communication sites and demonstrate how to effectively use them. You will also learn how to create a digital experience using SharePoint communication sites. This updated edition includes a new chapter on information management and governance along with new topics such as seamless integration between Teams using Power Automate and SharePoint Communication sites in tandem and performing project and operations management activities with communication sites. Author Charles Waghmare starts by walking you through SharePoint communication sites and how to create them. Next you'll explore various use cases to understand the benefits of communicating through SharePoint communication sites. Further you will learn collaborative applications like Teams and its integration with SharePoint followed by details of compliance and governance . You will then integrate communication sites with Microsoft 365 products for better end user collaboration. Finally you will discover how to perform your day-to-day operations tasks using communication sites. After reading this book you will be able to create and manage SharePoint communication sites and improve ways to communicate and collaborate within your organization. What You Will Learn Create an information and communication strategy for your organization Explore digital ways of working Easily collaborate with shared information Create visually appealing communication sites to manage your day-to-day project work Efficiently manage organizational information with compliance Create centralized departmental repositories with SharePoint communication sites Learn to automate internal processes using SharePoint communication and M365 services Who This Book Is For IT workers who use SharePoint and who are involved in internal communication management evangelism digital transformation social media and intranet design.

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Coastal World Heritage Sites - Vanda Claudino-Sales  Kartoniert (TB)
Coastal World Heritage Sites - Vanda Claudino-Sales Kartoniert (TB)

This book presents the natural environmental and scenic richness of the world's coastal and marine areas classified by UNESCO as Natural World Heritage Sites. Representing well-preserved areas of exceptional significance to the planet and to humankind they include a total of 49 marine sites formed by reefs atolls and gulfs and 35 coastal sites in all oceans and all continents with exception of Antarctica. They are being protected and preserved from most degrading uses for future generations as an important legacy from the past. Exploring their richness this book analyzes and explains these sites in a clear understandable scientific way and is of interest to all who work in or care about the geosciences environmental sciences and biosciences.

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The Holocaust Sites Of Europe - Martin Winstone  Kartoniert (TB)
The Holocaust Sites Of Europe - Martin Winstone Kartoniert (TB)

The Holocaust - the murder of approximately six million Jewish men women and children by Nazi Germany and its collaborators in the Second World War - was a crime of unprecedented and unparalleled proportions perpetrated in innumerable locations across the European continent. Now in its third edition The Holocaust Sites of Europe is the most comprehensive and accessible guide to these sites serving as both a work of historical reference and a practical resource for visitors to them today. It includes all major Holocaust sites in Europe covering more than 20 countries and encompassing not only iconic locations such as Auschwitz-Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen but also lesser known yet similarly significant sites like Maly Trostenets and Sajmiste. It addresses extermination forced labour and concentration camps massacre sites and cities which were homes to major Jewish populations and - often - ghettos as well as Nazi 'euthanasia' centres and locations associated with the genocide of Roma and Sinti. In so doing the book also covers the many museums and memorials which commemorate the Holocaust. This new edition has been fully updated to reflect developments which have affected sites in the 2010s and 2020s ranging from the establishment of new museums to growing threats from climate change and state-sponsored distortion of history. The Holocaust Sites of Europe is thus an indispensable and sensitive guide to both the history and the modern reality of the most traumatic sites in European history.

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Residential Sites And Environments; - Joseph Forsyth Johnson  Kartoniert (TB)
Residential Sites And Environments; - Joseph Forsyth Johnson Kartoniert (TB)

Residential sites and environments; - Their conveniences gardens parks planting etc is an unchanged high-quality reprint of the original edition of 1898. Hansebooks is editor of the literature on different topic areas such as research and science travel and expeditions cooking and nutrition medicine and other genres. As a publisher we focus on the preservation of historical literature. Many works of historical writers and scientists are available today as antiques only. Hansebooks newly publishes these books and contributes to the preservation of literature which has become rare and historical knowledge for the future.

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Sacred Sites And Sacred Stories Across Cultures  Kartoniert (TB)
Sacred Sites And Sacred Stories Across Cultures Kartoniert (TB)

This book offers global perspectives from Mediterranean Asian Australian and American cultures on sacred sites and their related stories in regional history. Contemporary society witnesses many travelers visiting sacred sites (temples mountains castles churches houses) throughout the world. These visits often involve discovery of new historical facts through the origin stories of the associated tribe region or nation. The transmission of oral tradition and myth carries on the significant meaning of those religious sites. This volume unveils multi-angle perspectives of symbolic and mystical places. The contributors describe the religio-political experiences of each regional case and analyze the religiosity of local people as a lens through which readers can re-examine the concept of iconography syncretism and materialism. In addition contributors interpret the growth of new religions as the alternative perspectives of anti-traditional religions. This new approach offerssignificant insight into comprehending the practical agony and sorrow of regional people in the context of contemporary history.

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